At NLF we have a diverse personal training staff with expertise ranging from weight loss to muscle building, from competition prepping to nutrition and more. Our trainers work with people from all different fitness levels and all offer complimentary first session.


Sean is the owner of NLF Personal Training, a Precision Trainer, and was voted Bryan’s favorites 2017 Personal Trainer. He is a 7 x NPC Physique Competitor and is Nationally Qualified.

After high school, Sean chased his love of soccer all the way to Hiram on a scholarship. He was only there for a year after a soccer injury caused him to be unable to play. He came back to Richmond Hill and fell in love with the training world. He began doing shows and getting his training certification. After working as a trainer at another facility, he decided to venture out on his own and No Limit Fitness was born. He is extremely experienced and continues to train for shows. Sean believes that working out isn’t just going to a gym and doing something written down or found on the internet. He believes it is all about focus and determination outside the gym with every daily choice from food to activities.

He understands that not everyone and every facility is made the same and makes it his mission to make everyone work to be the best version of themselves. Sean specializes in…
•Weight loss
•Building muscle
•Nutrition counseling
•Competition coaching


Tyler is a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and is the Grind class instructor at NLF.

He fell in love with the training world near the end of his freshman year of high school when he was introduced to weight training. As he grew stronger, he realized that he felt more accomplishment from help his friends reach their goals than he did when he reached his own! Ever since he discovered his passion, he’s been studying exercise science, kinesiology, and nutrition in order to provide the absolute best results for the people he trains. Tyler specializes in…
•Athletic training
•Group training