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Now Introducing Online Training and Online Programs for No Limit Fitness! Detailed workout plans and meals plans by our trainers Sean Marcolus and Marissa Foy at a lower price and you can do it all on your own time! All workouts will be downloaded into our free training app TrueCoach with a video library of all movements and how to do them correctly, an instant messaging feature so you can contact Sean or Marissa at anytime with any questions you may have along your workout journey and you can keep track of your workouts, weight loss progress, and diet plan! We look forward to reaching a wider audience of our Richmond Hill and surrounding area communities! Are you ready to get started on your journey to a stronger and healthier version of yourself!? Call us today at 912-596-6825!

Online Personal Training 


Online Programs 


                   *DESCRIPTIONS for All programs are listed Below*

Basic Plan

- $125 per month
- 2-3 Workouts per week
- Meal Plan
-Weekly Check-in (Online)

Moderate plan

- $155 per month
- 3-4 Workouts per week
- Meal Plan 
- Weekly Check-in (Online)

Premium plan

- $185 per month
- 5 Workouts per week 
- Meal Plan
- Weekly Check-in (In person if local)

Getting Started (For Him)

8 week program - $60

By: Sean Marcolus 


This program is geared to those looking to start on their journey from scratch, get restarted after some time off or the person who’s been in the gym but looking to really get started in the right direction with guidance. From having demo videos to all of the movements you’ll be doing to, and programming built from years of experience, you will be sure to make progress. Expect everything from body weight to barbell movements in this program along with the intensity to bring forward real progress. This program is your building block to get started. 

A little apprehensive and not sure about taking that step? You’ll have  access to me throughout your journey for all of the questions and confusion that may arise. 

Are you ready?

Getting Started (For Her)

8 week program - $60

By: Marissa Foy


“Getting Started: For Her” is an 8-week fitness program designed specifically for females. Whether you are new to fitness, trying to get back into the gym, or looking to change your routine up a bit, this fitness program is for you. Using a variety of in-gym exercises and cardio 

circuits, this program focuses on strengthening those fundamental muscles and burning some of that stubborn fat. Unlike one on one personal training, it is designed to be used independently, providing much more flexibility with your weekly schedule. It also includes demonstration videos for each of the exercise movements, and of course, email access for any questions 

you might have. I truly believe that physical health and mental health go

hand in hand, and I look forward to helping you grow not only in fitness

but in life as well!

Are you ready?

Fit Pregnancy Plan

26 week program - $250

By: Amy Chester


The Fit Pregnancy Plan is an in-gym guide to help keep you fit and healthy 

throughout your pregnancy. All taken from the experience of going through

my own fit-pregnancy journey and maintaining 3 workouts a week. Starting as  early as 8 -12 weeks; once you receive Doctor’s clearance; this 26 week 

guide will help you maintain your fitness as your pregnancy progresses,

including modifications to suit your current fitness level and changing

body. Every movement and modification will come with in-app video demos and

accessibility to email us with any questions or concerns you may have.

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