Precision Trainer

Sean Marcolus is the owner and main trainer at No Limit Fitness. After high school, Sean chased his love of soccer all the way to Hiram on a scholarship. He was only there for a year after a soccer injury caused him to be unable to play. He came back to Richmond Hill and fell in love with the training world. He began doing shows and getting his training certification. After working as a trainer at another facility, he decided to venture out on his own and No Limit Fitness was born. He is extremely experienced and continues to train for shows. Sean believes that working out isn’t just going to a gym and doing something written down or found on the internet. He believes it is all about focus and determination outside the gym with every daily choice from food to activities. He understands that not everyone and every facility is made the same and makes it his mission to make everyone work to be the best version of themselves.

No Limit Fitness RH

9998 Ford Ave.,

Suite 1,

Richmond Hill, Georgia 31324

Phone. 912.596.6825